About PolicyXpert

PolicyXpert is an initiative to provide expert and unbiased advice to any individual or corporate on their insurance or other investment related requirements. We wish to connect various insurance professionals to this platform wherein they can share their knowledge directly with the customer and among themselves. It will not only be an interactive and informative platform for various stake holders but will also serve as a indicator of changing customer requirement and help in getting their feedback. We invite all the insurance professionals and customers to  share their knowledge and experiences so that others get benefited out of it.

PolicyXpert  One place where you can find all the answers to all your queries or doubts related to your existing and new investments in any insurance product. We intend to provide free advise and assistance on Life/General/Health Insurance policies pertaining to all the insurance companies. We also have a dedicated CLAIMS HelpDesk which will provide FREE assistance to anyone who is facing any issues regarding their insurance claims. 

This is a Completely Free Advisory based Portal. We don’t Sell nor we have any obligation to sell any investment products through this portal.

Through this portal we also wish to cover other investments products like mutual funds, bonds, debt, real estate to make it easier for our reader to differentiate and understand their investments and asset allocation in a better way.

We will give our best to arrange answers to yours queries from the experts from that field.

Your comments and suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Mail your queries/ suggestions/ articles to policyxpert@inivesh.com